VRP and LCP range

Vandal resistant and laser cut panels

In vulnerable areas the entrance panel may be subject to vandalism. This is more common with local authority and public housing. Although it is impossible to withstand extreme acts of vandalism, our VRP panels are designed to resist all but the most determined of vandals. The LCP panel offers even greater protection than the VRP panels and will resist most attacks of vandalism.


Manufactured from 2.5mm 316 marine grade* stainless steel or optionally in solid brass the VRP panels are supplied for flush mounting with a zintec back-box or optionally for surface fitting with a stainless steel cowling. The panel is fixed to its back-box with tamper proof bolts (a special ¼” hex bit is supplied).


A single stainless steel vandal resistant push-button (or brass button for brass panel) is provided for each station and optionally for Trades. These buttons are individually attached by means of a nut on the rear of the panel.

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