Door Entry Systems

DAX Digital Isolating Exchange

The DAX digital door entry telephone system is designed primarily for large blocks of flats in the public housing sector where a conventional door entry panel may be impractical due to its size. The entrance panel is based on the vandal resistant LCP design and incorporates a large, clear display and well-spaced buttons. The DAX digital system operates on the Line Isolation principle, which has two advantages over common-wired systems:

  • Any malicious damage sustained to an individual telephone or its associated cable will not effect the operation of the rest of the system.
  • The telephone conversation between the tenant and the caller is totally private.
System Features
  • Up to 256 flats and 4 entrances.
  • Large LED dot matrix display.
  • 4 digit alpha-numeric flat numbers.
  • 4 digit coded access facility.
  • Trades and porter facility.
  • Standby battery backup.
  • Outputs for fail-safe and fail-secure releases.