Proximity and Coded Access Systems

Combined Proximity and Door Entry Systems

It is common for a door entry telephone system to be combined with a proximity access system for the benefit of resident staff or tenants. The CSP series are combined door entry and coded access systems utilising the economic Paxton standalone compact reader. These systems are conveniently packaged with all necessary components to complete an installation including a starter pack of keyfobs. Additional packs of keyfobs can be purchased to the required number - 10,000 keyfob capacity.

A CSP series system comprises of:

  • model 801 telephones.
  • model CSP door panel with compact proximity reader.
  • model 61 speech unit.
  • 12V DC power supply.
  • model 203 surface lock release.
  • starter keyfob pack (includes an 'enrolment' card, a 'fail-open' card and 3 user keyfobs with their shadow cards).